Julee Brown, CPhT

In a world where you can order ANYTHING from your phone and have it delivered to your door, it is frustrating to have to walk into a store and wait for a mile of paperwork to be completed just to pick up your prescription.

There is a reason for the wait and that reason is MEDICARE Guidelines. Medicare guidelines are put into place to ensure you are getting what you are prescribed by your doctor, when you need it, and that it fits you in a way that will provide the support / assistance essential to living your best life. Medicare requires us to complete documentation that shows we have the necessary proof of your need and that you are not getting too much. (You have heard of Fraud, Waste, and Abuse right? Well, all of the guidelines are trying to prevent those in order to keep the cost of healthcare from continually increasing).

When we get a prescription from your doctor we cannot fill it until we hear from the patient, either in person or over the phone. To complicate this a bit more, because why not, we do not get your insurance information from the doctor with your prescriptions. Therefore, if you are expecting a prescription to be called in please give us a call and we can get everything started before you get here which will reduce your wait time dramatically.

If you stop into the store and have to wait for your prescription we are required to perform three forms of insurance and doctor verification for every patient/prescription. We check that your deductibles have been met and if you have any co-insurances. Then we have to prove the provider is able to prescribe under Medicare guidelines, put the prescription in very specific formats per various insurance requirements, and finally fit the patient to each orthotic or equipment before we can dispense it. As you can see, if you are able to call ahead we can save you a whole lot of waiting time.

So in a real world example, let’s say you need a refill on your diabetic testing or urological supplies,  if you call us ahead of time, we will ask you a few simple questions and do all of the verification and paperwork before you even get to our parking lot. This will allow you to walk into the store, chat for a few minutes (because we love catching up with our customers), sign a few pieces of paperwork and then you are off to enjoy the rest of your day.

Patience really is a virtue so please be patient with us. We really do not want to keep you here longer than you want to be. Understand that we are following the law and Medicare guidelines so we can stay in business in order to keep serving you.