The staff at Watkins Pharmacy knows that your life is busy and you may struggle to get your prescriptions refilled on time. In order to help you stay healthy in today’s busy world, we have developed a few easy to use services that may help you in remaining adherent to your prescription protocol.  Here at Watkins we offer four different easy to use options for refilling prescriptions including refill requests by phone, the Refill Rx link found on our website, our mobile app or talking with our staff to setup automatic refill.  As always, you can stop by the store and request your refills in person and chat with the staff while you wait.

Phone Messages

You can call our store any time of the day or night at 231-739-7158, select option 1 for the pharmacy and then option 2 to leave a message. Please include your six-digit prescription number, your name, and a good call back number. The pharmacy staff checks these messages throughout the day but please expect a delay on Monday mornings as we are now closed on Sundays.

Refill RX Website

You can also use the website to request your refills. There is a link on our home page for you to register and then request the prescriptions you need. This website offers an additional view into the status of your prescriptions so you can check when they are ready, when they are due and the last time you picked a refill up; however, it will not tell you the copays.

By using the website, you can also select the delivery option such as you will pick up the prescription or use our delivery service. We deliver to anyone within five miles of the store for a small charge of $3 per trip.

Please stop in and any one of our staff will set you up with your account and show you how to use this website to make your life a little easier.

Refill RX Mobile App

The mobile app is available through both the Apple Store or the Google Play Store. This app allows you to request your refills right from your phone anytime throughout the day because we always remember to refill our prescriptions when we are in the middle of doing something else.


Auto-fill is a status we put on all of your prescription in the pharmacy that allows our system to automatically fill your prescriptions five days before they are due. You are required to have a cell phone that accepts text messages so we can alert you that a prescription is ready for pick up. This feature allows you the freedom from remembering what is due and when however, you are responsible for letting us know when your medications have changed or you have stopped taking them. This feature is limited to maintenance medications and cannot be used for topicals or any medications that you take every once in a while.

Watkins Pharmacy takes pride in serving our customers at a higher level than our competitors. We hope the use of any one of the services makes your life a little easier and allows you to enjoy what is most important in your life. Thank you for allowing us to be your pharmacy of choice.