Hello again and welcome to another riveting edition of my blog post. I had mentioned in my first post that from time to time I would be blogging about some new and innovative products I thought you should know about. We have begun working with Paraffin International, LLC in Phoenix AZ to bring you a new product I find quite interesting and others are finding quite incredible. Deanna Montrose, founder of Paraffin International and award-winning spa entrepreneur has developed Glove Treat. A “do-at-home” spa treatment for your hands and feet that will make you feel pampered and just plain special.

Now I don’t want to tell you how to run your life but in my humble opinion this product requires a bottle of wine and the kids in bed. You’ll thank me later.

Remember the old paraffin bath treatments that have been offered for years in spa’s and in some doctor’s offices? This was the crock pot looking device that held melted wax you dip your hands into. It surrounds your hands with hot, or at least very warm, wax offering a nice deep heat treatment for arthritic hands. While this process feels very nice, it takes about 2 hours for the wax to melt, requiring you to do a significant amount of planning before using it and it leaves you with a five fingered candle on the ends of your arms. After the treatment one needs to spend some time pealing the wax off from your hands. A bit of a mess to say the least.

Having lived through this process in her spa’s, Dianna decided there had to be a better way. Enter Glove Treat. A first ever, “disposable at home therapeutic paraffin wax treatment”. Simply pop the glove or boot into the microwave to melt the wax, squeeze the glove or boot to distribute the oils and slip your hands and/or feet into the soft luxurious world of Parasilk® Paraffin Glove Treat. (Insert Ahhhhh sounds here).

After about 10 minutes, assuming you’re still awake, simply remove your hands or feet from the glove or boot and massage the blend of coconut and essential lavender oils into your hands, arms, feet and legs. You are left with incredibly soft and supple skin. And that heat leaves your hands and feet feeling soooo good.

Wait! Did you catch that… I said hands or FEET! Yes, there is a “glove” for your feet too. So now, not only can you have this wonderfully relaxing sensation on your hands, you can now pamper yourself with an incredibly relaxing spa treatment for your feet too. For anyone that may have trouble getting your hands into a traditional glove, there is also a mitt option that eliminates the need to find the finger holes.

For anyone struggling with dry cracked hands or feet, particularly after a long winter, you really have to try this. Hair stylists, nurses, home care workers, golfers, tennis players, anyone who abuses their hands either through constant washing and sanitizing or just by gripping the golf club too hard, this product is for you. If you are one of the many people out there that spend way too much time on your feet on any given day, this little box just might become your very best friend. (We won’t tell your dog).

We are selling either the glove or boot packaged in a pair. The pair can be reused up to four times. At less than $30 for the pair you are getting a pampered spa treatment at home for just over $7 per treatment.

We are so excited about this product that we have set up the ability to purchase it right off this blog post. At the bottom of this post is a spot to place your order. We’re set up with Paypal but you don’t need to have a Paypal account. Once you get to your shopping cart and check out, Paypal will accept any major credit card. They are just processing the paperwork for us.

I found a nice independent review on YouTube. She does a nice job presenting the product. I will tell you this video appears to be a little old and the packaging has changed a bit. But for the most part this is a really good representation of the product. Give it a look. I’ve posted it below.

Give Glove Treat a shot and let me know what you think. And don’t forget to subscribe at the bottom of the page.

until next time…

Purchase Your Glove Treat Spa Treatment Here!

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